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About Verkan Group

Verkan Group was formed to meet the changing need of the growing construction sectors in Australia to engage low-cost, fully compliant skilled labour.


Verkan meaning action has grown with clients over the past 3 years from a start up in Melbourne to supply the right people across Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.


Verkan is committed to being one of the leading resourcing companies in the construction and infrastructure industries within the next 5 years in Australia.


Our core focus is to execute the work on the ground safely and productively. 


What makes us different is our experience  the management team at Verkan Group are multi-disciplined, degree-qualified construction experts that come from an engineering, carpentry and to business development background. 

The team work over multiple areas of the business allowing us to keep our overheads to an absolute minimum and ultimately pass on cost savings to the client. 


Visionary in our approach, we ensure that from project commencement to project completion all stakeholders needs are met. Plans and documents are reviewed, cost effective approaches to complete the project are discussed and a client tailored plan is implemented. One size does not fit all.


Experience in previous projects shows that involving employees in decision-making processes from the start pays dividends. Enthusiastic employees make the right calculated decisions and this ultimately benefits everyone.


Readability and transparency; we plan, resource and manage projects to ensure workflow continuity. We are not rigid in our approach, we understand that sometimes a client can have a change of mind.


Knowledge from past projects is what we bring to the table. Delivering a quality product is easy when you have the right systems in place. Our company policies and procedures ensures everyone is on the same page.


Acceptance, inclusion and diversity, everyone is important. Our relationship with resources, subcontractors and suppliers guarantees that the client benefits.


Networks can only exist when they are partnered with secure connecting lines. We don’t just mean lines in a rail or road sense, but in a people and business sense. We pride ourselves on reputation, and delivering quality projects within their scheduled time frames and budgets. Our collaborative approach ensures strength in the ongoing commitment of existing and upcoming relationships.

Safety Focused Hire

Verkan Group supply teams that have strong experience in some of the most safety conscious environments and industries, including civil, rail and major infrastructure in Australia.

This allows our clients to benefit from their experience on sites where compliance is extremely high and closely monitored at a tier one standard.

Verkan Group have worked closely with these teams and ensure we deliver the right people for the job with all the necessary qualifications. We understand what type of people are needed and are successful on site. Our selection process is incredibly high. A key difference for us is the reassurance of the quality of personnel we know, having personally worked alongside many of our teams.

When necessary, we can mange and administer the on-boarding to the work site and provide a timesheet and payroll solution which alleviates the need for you to absorb associated administration costs.

Zero Harm

All our people are highly aware of Workplace, Health and Safety. Zero harm is our top priority – on all projects.

To uphold our values and establish a foundation for future growth, we ensure there is little room for error by using a process based approach to our business.

We are proud of our reputation – and understand, in construction, that we are only as good as our people on-site. The way we do business is built on honesty and integrity helping form a solid commitment with our clients and our staff.

We believe we have the experience and passion to be a key part of the success of your company. Our systems and procedures deliver a balance of safer and more efficient project outcomes.

Our policies are operated by industry professionals who have been project managers and leaders in construction and understand the challenges of remote area work and the important role that our personnel play in maintaining a safe and productive worksite.

Industries we currently resource in include:





Road Infrastructure

Rail Infrastructure

Trade & Services




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